“We have had the pleasure of getting to know William (Bill) Babcock, III, Realtor, when we were deciding whether or not to sell our beach home/vacation rental. Bill came highly recommended to us by a personal friend, former Realtor. We had many discussions prior to placing our beach home/vacation rental on the market with Bill.

Bill was very thorough getting to know everything about our beach home/vacation rental to best guide us in the process of getting ready to place on the market for the best possible price. We had never placed a home on the market let alone a combined beach home/vacation rental.

Bill was also very thorough in all we needed to have in place prior to placing our beach home/vacation rental on the market (home inspection, termite inspection, etc.). Any Realtor not familiar with the area, beach homes, market, trends, this would have been a nightmare for us as a seller. Bill always made himself readily available for conversations, concerns whether by phone, email or text messages. Bill also made himself readily available to meet with contractors, home inspections, Realtor’s tour, open houses, and private showings especially since we were 2.25 hours away. Bill attended Santa Cruz County meetings if there were areas of concern which may affect the vacation rental side of our beach home. Bill was definitely our eyes and ears during our absence through the entire process of selling.

Bill was presented with a number of challenges with our beach home/vacation rental as it was an active rental with many bookings of guests at the time and through the end of the calendar year, 2015/2016. We were adamant our guests and housekeeping were not interrupted out of respect. Bill was instrumental in working with the buyer’s agent to commit to honoring our existing guests through December 2016. Bill kept us on task through the entire selling process and through the close of escrow.

Bill’s knowledge, research and expertise is remarkable to say the least. Any buyer or seller would be most grateful and pleased by his experience and expertise as a Realtor and person.



– Diane & Scott S. | Modesto, CA




“When someone does a wonderful job, often times it goes unacknowledged; we certainly did not want this to be the case here. We are writing to share our experience working with realtor William (Bill) Babcock, who assisted us in our recent purchase of a single-family home. We began working with Bill in January. We were interested in buying a home in the Seascape area of Aptos. We were impressed with Bill’s knowledge of the real estate market, his attention to detail, and his honest assessment of available properties.

When we first met, it was obvious that Bill would be helpful and comfortable to work with. We knew that we not only wanted someone to shepherd us through the process, but also someone we could trust to offer valuable advice. We found these qualities in Bill as he expertly guided us through the entire process.

Bill helped us map out an appropriate offer strategy based on a thorough market analysis of the neighborhood. He laid out a calendar of contract events and ensured that all activities progressed on schedule. He went the extra mile many times over to keep us informed and he clearly explained the process every step of the way.

With Bill’s help, we closed on a great home in our specific target area in March. Thankfully, Bill’s support did not stop there! Bill was instrumental in recommending quality contractors and tradespeople to help us realize our plan for renovations.

Bill is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and he helped us make informed decisions.  We credit Bill with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience and we greatly appreciate the individualized attention we received. 



– Ann H. & Frank M. | Aptos, CA



“We were recommended to  Bill in the Spring of 2014 when we had driven by a house we thought we may want to purchase. We liked Bill immediately. He was very careful in explaining paperwork and real-estate rules that my husband and I wanted to hurriedly flip through. Although we didn’t buy that first house that was sliding down one side of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Bill helped us find our perfect house in the woods of La Honda.

We had a ton of really restrictive needs and were very picky about what kind of home we wanted, what area we wanted to live in, and how much we wanted to spend. We basically wanted the perfect balance between funky mountain cabin, excellent craftsmanship, outstanding water system, plumbing, sewage, and whatever other entities could be perfected on a home. Bill took his time helping us search, coming with us to at least 15 houses, and generally cared about finding us a 1 in a million type home that catered to our every need. 

Bill did a great job helping us hunt down our house. We ended up getting a great deal on a house out of auction. It had everything we wanted. It was sound, funky, and had the most amazing backyard of redwood forest you could imagine. He helped communicate with our mortgage broker, the auction company, and the city of San Mateo so we knew a much as we legally could about the house before closing. He really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the home we were about to purchase. I was very impressed with his dedication to researching the history of the homes and areas surrounding. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend as we are a young family starting out, but Bill never put us on the back burner and made sure we felt secure throughout the home buying process. 

I would recommend Bill to anyone! He’s professional, caring, and goes by the book. He is always on your side and willing to help even if you’re chasing the great white whale of real estate.”


– Casey M. and Brandon W. | La Honda, CA



I recently had the pleasure of working with William Babcock from Keller Williams on a transaction. Bill was the listing agent and I was the buyer’s agent. Bill handled the entire selling process with extensive knowledge, skill and compassion. He understands that buying and selling a home is not only a financial transaction but it is also a personal and emotional transaction. He interfaced extremely well with me, my buyer and the sellers, keeping everyone in the loop as the deal progressed. My buyers loan approval was a little troublesome. These issues normally would have possibly caused the sellers to back out but Bill’s interpersonal skills allowed him to effectively calm the sellers fears and set the proper expectations. The transaction was a huge success on both sides with both buyer & sellers feeling extremely satisfied.  If you are looking for an agent with the utmost integrity, compassion and skill please seek out William Babcock.




– Tara Anderson | Realtor




“I met Bill Babcock totally by accident. I was showing my friend an area of Aptos that he had never seen and there was an open house on the street we were driving through. We stopped and Bill was showing the house. I really didn’t want to look at it as I knew it was not in my budget nor the area I wanted to be in. Bill finished with another couple and stated that I was the only person to come through the house with a frown. He immediately put me at ease and we started laughing and commenting about all the things I loved about the house but just knew it wasn’t for me. Bill politely got me to open up and find out what I wanted. He suggested that he could certainly help me find my dream home. Bill tirelessly spent weekend after weekend showing me different properties, he guided me through different options; Complete homes, Fixer Uppers, even introducing me to Manufactured custom homes and looking at property.

Bill went above and beyond what I would expect. He was always thinking ahead, trying to figure out what I really wanted, what I could really afford, what was really my dream home.

Finally we found it. After what seemed like months and months and properties after property we found the perfect property. I asked him to go back and back just to make sure and always no matter how busy he found time to give me one more look, just to make sure. He researched the property, the comps, the neighborhood and everything possible about the house. Since I recently just lost my husband to an illness, he was such a helpful voice of reason. He was always just a phone call away to help or to bounce a question off of.

I had such a nice time with Bill’s positive attitude that after my purchase I missed our weekly outings. I had a great time looking at houses and when I finally found one, Bill was great at making sure all the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted. His attention to detail was fantastic. His focus the entire time was for me, what was right and with an attitude that said that no matter what we’d find the right place. We did thanks so much to Bill.

Not only has Bill become my Realtor, but I consider him a new friend now that I’m back in the Santa Cruz area. If I’m ever nuts enough to move again, I’ll be calling. And once I’m done with all my construction I hope taco outings will happen on a regular basis.


– Deborah S. | Corralitos, CA



Susan and I worked with Bill Babcock for over 2 years to find a property in Santa Cruz. We were looking for a home or condominium in a particular area in Santa Cruz and our requirements were many and very specific.

Bill provided potential properties on an almost daily basis for our review and inspection. Due to our busy schedule, he always made himself available to discuss listings (often late in the evening) and meet us to inspect the homes or condos. He even knocked on doors in areas we were interested in to explore properties that were not yet on the market.

After many open houses and private inspections, he found the exact property we were looking for in the exact location and met our long list of ‘must haves’. We could not be more pleased with the results of his efforts.

I highly recommend Bill Babcock of Keller Williams Realty Santa Cruz, for your Real Estate needs. You can be sure that Bill will work tirelessly on your behalf to not only find your dream home, but make it a reality.


– Joseph and Susan A. | Santa Cruz, CA



“This document is a Letter of Recommendation for Bill Babcock in his activities as a Realtor for Keller Wiiliams Realty. I had the opportunity to personally witness Bill’s impressive performance and accomplishments all done in an atmosphere of integrity, trust and teamwork. I worked with Bill over a two year period in the Santa Cruz, CA area during one of the more frustrating periods of real estate sales. Ultimately I closed escrow in November of 2013.

One of Bill’s approaches is to clearly define what the customer’s requirements are and to develop a relation ship with the customer. This helped Bill and I focus on finding strong candidate real estate offerings.            

Bill is a great person to be with and will go out his way to help and educate you!”


– Ronald B. | Santa Cruz, CA



“My Realtor, Bill Babcock, asked me if I would write up my experience as a first time home purchaser.  I am a professional nurse who grew up within Santa Cruz County and have successfully purchased my first home here within a Live Oak neighborhood.

As a first time home buyer I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I knew the basics of what I wanted in a home like how many beds and baths, but to start I was pretty open to anything. I was very excited to start looking at homes and pick the place I wanted to start a new chapter of my life. As I looked at more and more homes I started to really figure out what I wanted. After looking at many houses that seemed almost perfect there would be at one thing though that was a deal breaker. I tried to look past cosmetic things that I knew could easily be changed to what I wanted and started to really focus on things that couldn’t be changed like the location and the general floor plan. We finally found a home in a location and floor plan we loved even though it needed a lot of updating of cosmetics. I was able to look past things that could be changed that maybe other people would not be able to. We put our offer in and luckily it was accepted. Once the offer was accepted the next big thing was all the inspections. At times it all seemed very overwhelming and I questioned myself if I was making the right decision but I just looked at the big picture and knew it would all be worth it. Once I had the keys in my hand and escrow had closed we began to make the house our home.

Hope this helps you as a first time home buyer.”


– Stephanie D. | Santa Cruz, CA



“Realtor Bill Babcock assisted us in our first home purchase. Having a kind and supportive realtor really helps in the process, especially when you’ve never done it before. 

Bill explained the details of the home buying experience thoroughly and worked as an intermediary with our financing company, always keeping things running smoothly. He was able to accommodate our schedule and was a calming presence when the big decisions had to be made. 

We are so grateful for Bill’s hard work and dedication to his clients. Without his positive spirit and guidance, we might never have made it into our own home. Thanks, Bill!”


– Brandon T., Candice and Sophie R. | Capitola, CA



“To whom it may concern:

I am writing to give Bill Babcock my highest recommendation.

Bill possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent REALTOR®: he knows the market extremely well; he is most diligent, responsive, and very patient. Bill is both professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a good job and loves what he does. In my particular case as a buyer of a home, it was a long road due to my circumstances to find a home I could both afford and that was suitable for my needs. Bill found it. He never let me give up and his positive attitude kept me inspired throughout the process.
It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Bill or being anything but happy in choosing to work with him.

With much gratitude,”


– Andrea H. | Watsonville, CA



“Dear Bill,

Thanks for all you have done to make our real estate relationship a satisfying one. Here are some thoughts I have on the subject!

Bill provided me with excellent service in all aspects of the recent sale of my home. His performance resulted in the sale of my home in THREE DAYS.

Prior to this experience Bill provided me with professional service in my purchase of a home that met my requirements. Bill is an outstanding realtor with the know how and care to successfully provide a satisfied customer. He makes you his priority and has an attitude that makes him successful towards his work.

I highly recommend him.

Best regards,”

– Ron B. | Santa Cruz, CA


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